Date: November 14, 2012
Filed in: frontpage, news

News: NEC offers face recognition analysis for retailers

  • Technology only requires off-the-shelf personal computer and video camera.
    • It can estimate gender and age based only on video footage.
    • Furthermore, repeat customers even across stores can be automatically recognized.
    • The underlying face recognition product, NeoFace, is also used in services like intruder recognition and surviellance.
    • NeoFace is a cloud service provided by NEC.
    • NEC claims that the face templates generated cannot be reconstructed into images of faces.

ShadowLife comment:

  • ShadowLife disagrees with NEC’s claim that face templates cannot be used to reconstruct the images of the faces recorded. Similar claims were made before about biometric iris recognition templates that where then subsequently used to reconstruct iris images through genetic algorithms.
  • NeoFace is an example of self-learning facial recognition software that adds face data to its database by simple observation of crowds in real life scenarios.
  • Storing the NeoFace data in the cloud centralizes data management and gives other parties easy access to facial recognition data and other context data (store visited, date/time of visit, etc.) of all participating locations.