Date: July 28, 2012


ShadowLife focuses on Privacy – how to protect it and why it matters.

We are committed to make information about privacy enhancing strategies and technologies accessible to non-experts and to give practical advise on how to enhance one’s own level of privacy.

Due to the inherent challenges of the subject – lack of publicly available information, complexity of the matter and wide-spread misinformation – ShadowLife adopts a policy of communicating clearly the quality of underlying information and our assurance thereof, of refraining from emotional and political language, and of referring to required context.

Our team consists of people with a wide spectrum of experience ranging from computer security to open-source intelligence analysis to practical street smarts. What we suggest as practical solutions we have tested and applied ourselves.

Nevertheless ShadowLife remains in a continual state of incompleteness. As such we rely on feedback and contribution from the community.

ShadowLife publishes information in five different styles of presentation to reflect different approaches to information:

  • News: Bullet-point condensed time-relevant pieces of information which have been primarily researched by third parties. ShadowLife offers an aggregate of privacy relevant news that is accessible in minutes, not hours per day.
  • Dossier: ShadowLife publishes background information on repeated content for reference.
  • Concept: Content of mainly theoretical nature that serves as foundational skill for privacy enhancing strategies and technologies. Listing of all Concept posts.
  • HowTo: Applying theoretical knowledge to practical solutions in a way that is accessible to all interested parties and not just specialists. Listing of all HowTo posts.
  • Opinion: Analysis and commentary that includes personal judgement. Listing of all Opinion posts.


For more information on our perspective on privacy, please refer to the page Privacy Extremism.


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